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Monday, July 21, 2008

Is Climate Change More Controversial Than Religion?

You may already know that various companies will now let you design and print out your very own, usable-on-letters, US Postage Stamps: pictures of your new baby, your kitten walking the piano keys, your dog playing poker, all of that is fine.

But there are limits.

Turns out—surprise!—I went beyond the limits. I wanted to produce a stamp along the lines of the image on the right margin there—the logo with the green bars on the sides.


The rejection cited alleged federal regs which purport to ban the production of any stamp which, “Incorporates material the primary purpose of which is to advocate or protest any particular religious, social, political, legal or moral agenda of any person or entity.”

Hmmmmm. . . .

That’s kinda funny. Cuz every year, the postal service puts out a Madonna and Child Christmas stamp. Here’s the most recent one:

I will leave aside broader issues of church and state and entanglement and the degree to which this might diminish both government and religion (because that’s not what I am here to rant about).

Having more than a little trouble, though, understanding, how this doesn’t amount to “advocating a particular religious agenda” and how it is a more grave, and therefore impermissible, violation to argue against. . . pollution?

I’m in touch with the USPS Legal Department, the ACLU, both of my senators and my congressman. We’ll see. . .

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